Water Policy

Water Policy

Puntland water policy was prepared and adopted in 2007. The policy highlights the situation and the best way to regulate, distribute, protect and otherwise manage the water resources of Puntland, defines the objectives to address the issue and lay down the implementation mode. Water sector strategy is essential to ensure the policy is implemented effectively and this is mandated by PSAWEN. The strategy indicates how to implement the policy.

Master plan

Amaster plan is the guide for improving Puntland water sources and increase the supply of water and energy in order to cope with today’s  and future demands.A 25 years master plan is developed and has been finalized recently.

The master plan will contain programs that include:

  • Water/Energy resource monitoring and information systems management
  • Water Energy sources evaluation, planning, design and operational support
  • Water /Energy resources allocation, regulation and control
  • Capacity-Institutional building
  • Public awareness/Public education
  • Hydrological prediction and forecasting

PSAWEN responsibility includes:

  • Preserve the water resource information system.
  • Implement the plans in relation to the master plan and water quality control.
  • Allocate water resources
  • Make available technical support involving development, conservation and use of the resources

Outcome Indicators


The performance of PSAWEN water will be reviewed by the extent to which proposals and

recommendations are accessible in a sensible fashion, are methodically studied and added to the following:

  • The sustainability of output of acceptable water quality
  • Timely forecasts of hydrological drought
  • The accurate identification of water resources
  • The establishment of appropriate methods for the provision of water
  • The processing of permits within10 days of application
  • Attenuation (decrease) in disagreement among users
  • The development of hydrologic data bases and timely publication of hydrologic data
  • The preparation of financial reports, technical reports and bulletins
  • Sensible and accurate advice to public and private agencies


In order To Use Groundwater It Has To be brought To The Surface. Groundwater May Be Brought To The Surface By Natural And Artificial Means


Springs are the natural means by which groundwater gets to the surface. They occur where geologic conditions are such that the groundwater isforced to flow to the surface


Tube Wells Drilled Into The Water Table Is One Artificial Methods By Which Groundwater Is Brought To The Surface. Under Special Conditions Geology Creates Conditions Where Water In A Well Will Naturally Flow At The Surface. This Removes The Need To Pump. Such Wells Are Known As Flowing Artesian Wells